I know what you came here for, you went to ThinkGeek.com and saw the free April Fool’s Day T-Shirt:

NSA Encryption Tee

And you want to know what it means, you want it decrypted and according to my post title you think I’ve got the answer…

I Don’t :-p

*UPDATE: Thanks to Knetwork Reader Frank for posting the needed cypher (ROT13). The text BUJUNGNSBBYVNZ decrypts to OHWHATAFOOLIAM or Oh What A Fool I Am. And as an extra bonus I’m not going to kill you now that I told you!

Happy April Fool’s Day! I’ll tell you what I would suggest, order yourself $20 worth of goods, get the shirt free, and maybe they will give you the decryption key. Of course it’s entirely possible that the shirt doesn’t decrypt to anything or that if someome tells you what it means, they’d kill you. If you’re going to order something I suggest that you pick up a USB Rocket Launcher. You know you want to…


USB Rocket Launcher

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  • Frank


  • http://www.knightknetwork.com David

    Thanks Frank! Updating the post!

  • http://www.knightknetwork.com David

    Ah it’s the picture title for the shirt image!

  • http://raybdbomb.com Ray

    Rot13, why didn’t I think of that?!?

  • http://www.mikepost.nl/ Mike Post

    Great article, man. Keep up the good work and please do keep sharing.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Cool :)

  • http://www.morphdude.com Morphdude

    I would have never came up with that

  • http://www.gossipsandstars.info Iv

    I like it

  • http://www.geothermalquebec.com mo

    hahah! nice one!

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