Notes for Aspiring WeeWarLords

weewar.comI have to confess that I’m mildy addicted to WeeWar, the free online multiplayer strategy game (think turn based Command and Conquer). The site is recently out of beta and has already built an impressive userbase of over 30,000 registered users. It’s fun, addictive, and with turn time limit’s from 5 minutes all the way up to 3 days, it doesn’t require you to sit at your computer for long periods of time just to play a game. If you are an aspiring WeeWarLord then I’ve put together a few notes that can help get you on on your way: (if you’d like to share this with someone just starting out, I’ve redirected to this post to make it easier)

Before you sign up (optional):

Before you play a game:

  • Learn about the Map you’re playing on, there are standard and custom maps
  • As a player, you start with 1500 points. If you win a war you get points and the other person loses them. You get more points for beating someone of a higher rank.
  • It can take more than an hour to finish even a small 1 on 1 game, the more players, the longer it takes. Take care not to join too many multiplayer games on large maps or you will fill up your available games and not be able to play while waiting on others to log in and go. I recommend leaving at least 2 slots free for small games with short time limits so you can always play when you want.

During a game:

  • As you’re learning, use the greasemonkey scripts to get an idea of how fights will turn out and to keep track of how the game is progressing.
  • Units are less effective when damaged, retreat and repair rather than attacking when low on health. Also, learn exactly how strong a unit is versus other unit types @
  • Terrain can greatly change the way a battle turns out, learn how to use it if you want to win
  • If you gang up on a unit you’ll get attack bonuses for attacking from different sides
  • Know when to fold them! Surrender when the game is really obviously over, don’t tie up an opponents HQ slots by prolonging a game needlessly
  • End Your Turn! It’s an easy rookie mistake to make, so think about it and always remember to hit that ‘End Turn’ link

After a game:

  • When the game is over don’t feel bashful and politely ask for tips on how to improve, many players are happy to help
  • To get the game out of your HQ so you can play another one, you’ll need to archive or permanently delete the game from it’s game options

After you play a few rounds:

  • Get a better idea of how battles are calculated check out the WeeWar Specifications
  • Join in WeeWar discussions on the WeeWar Forums
  • Want to play MORE? Upgrade to a Pro account and get 10 games instead of 4, plus extras! You’ll also be supporting the game’s future, if that kind of thing matters to you.
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  • Joel Odom

    This is an excellent summary. Folks should remember not to worry about points – it will lessen your enjoyment of the game. Your score will increase rapidly once you learn basic gameplay and strategy.

    My blog on WeeWar.

  • winter

    Use a notifer, if you’re on Windows then weewar dashboard (wwdb) is your best bet.

    Also, Safari 3.1 is a much faster browser for Weewar

  • Noffie

    This article might be updated to not reference the Tangler forum anymore. Now there is an official forum built into Weewar.

  • David

    Thanks Noffie – should have done that earlier

  • Mike Post

    Great article, man. Keep up the good work and please do keep sharing.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Iv

    I like it!