TipJoy WordPress Widget

To fully duplicate the functionality of my instructions on adding TipJoy to your WordPress theme, the TipJoy TipThis plugin needed to allow users to place a tipjoy badge/banner on the sidebar. So I set out to learn how to create a widget for WordPress. The results are my earlier Spottt Widget and now my TipJoy widget!

-=Download The TipJoy Widget Here=-


  • This is a standalone widget it you aren’t interested in the TipJoy TipThis plugin
  • The latest version of the TipThis plugin has this code built in, so you don’t need the widget
  • Download -> Unzip -> Upload to plugin folder -> Activate Plugin
  • In Presentation -> Widgets
    • Add widget to your sidebar
    • Click the little notepad icon on the widget
    • Title: appears above the badge/banner. Blank or ‘none’ for no title
    • TipJoy ID: Your tipjoy ID goes here

-=Download The TipJoy Widget Here=-

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