A.viary.com Beta Launches (Invites)

Worth1000 has launched the beta for it’s new and impressive online photo editing suite, Aviary. I have 4 invites that I’d be happy to trade, either for other interesting betas or just promise me that you’ll save one of your Aviary invites for a commenter of my choosing (hold for 10 days only).  We’ll make a nice long Beta Train!  Just post in the comments and leave a valid e-mail in the private email field.  You’ll get three invites immediately after signing up if things stay steady.

I’m not much of a designer but I’m very impressed with the tool selection, layers, and history features.   I currently only have access to the photo editing tool Phoenix, so that may be reflected in my invites.  Priority will be given to users with graphic experience willing to share their impressions, also increase your chances with cheesy bird puns.  I think I have a few GrandCentral invites left as well if anyone is interested in those.

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  • Mayson Lancaster

    I’d love an invite – sounds great!

  • Shawn Bethune

    This sounds really cool. Could I get an invite?

  • http://www.knightknetwork.com David

    Both of these invitations have been sent! I’m short on invites, but if anyone else would like one please post here and I’ll see what I can wrangle for you

  • Peter

    I’ve been looking for a way to get in the Aviary for a while now, please let me in :)

  • http://forteller.net/ børge

    I’d love an invite too. If you get a hold of one I’d be happy if you let me know!

  • Jenna

    If anyone could invite me you’d make me the happiest person on the world ;)
    email: jenna.banderson(insert at)googlemail.com
    thanks in advance :)

  • http://mackenziecauley.com mac

    I am VERY interested in this. Eager to test these babies out, if anyone has an invite I would be very grateful!

  • dactstoner

    Would appreciate an invite if someone has one to share!

  • dactstoner

    dactstoner @ gmail.com

  • Ravi

    pvravi at sbcglobal.net


  • Monica

    If you have one, i would like it if you are okay with that.

  • Erik

    Dear master, smeagel speaking. I would love to have an invite to a.viary if you still have one available, ill pass one of them back if you need it straight away. I have seen what the program does and its beautiful, and i need to make a logo or my new business soon and this is the program to do it

  • Joaqo

    Hey, please send me an invite, it will be greatly appreciated

    I found a website where they still have valid DROPBOX invites, a very cool file hosting service:

  • http://www.morphdude.com Morphdude

    So how is Aviary to use? Is it easy to understand?

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