Spottt Hoppping

I think I’ll coin a new phrase : Spottt Hoppping – Jumping from Spottt to Spottt to see new sites in the free link exchange.

Think of it as StumbleUpon with none of those pesky thumbs or user ratings or way to weed out the junk.  Maybe it’s just the thrill of clicking on an ad on your own webpage without fear of repercussion.  Anyway it’s all free so click around and see what you see, sure most of it will be stuff you don’t care about, but I’ve already found a review of a new site / service that I found interesting.  I signed up and have asked a few questions of the founders and I think it will lead to a great post.  So go and hoppp around and see what you find, if it’s something cool then leave a comment that you found them while Spottt Hoppping!  Make sure to drop back by here and let me know what you found!

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  • Philip Kaplan

    I like it!

    Philip Kaplan
    Founder, Spottt

  • steve

    at least with Entrecard, which I do believe came first, your hopping around to other high quality blogs. with spottt there is so much crap because anyone can be in the network. I tried spottt for a day but took it down bc it only sent me one visitor, whereas Entrecard sent me 68 in the same period of time (1 day). the guys with a million daily impressions just swamp spottt

  • Franklin

    Steve, a quick Google search reveals that Entrecard was not the first with this model either. I am glad Entrecard works for you. The topic of David’s post however is Spottt. Spottt has been implemented on the KnightKnetwork with ease.

  • gochi

    Hope is the one thing that really makes any frustrated man to live calm life.

  • Mike Post

    Great article, man. Keep up the good work and please do keep sharing.

    Thanks in advance!


  • jammer

    I also into it
    great thinking

  • Morphdude

    Spottt is great! I enjoy it very much! I'm off to go Spottt Hoppping!

  • Iv

    I like it!

  • Crucix


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