Installing TipJoy onto a WordPress Theme

tipjoyI’ve ditched my paypal buttons and am going with TipJoy! More on TipJoy in a later post. I’m sure someone will build a TipJoy plugin for this soon (UPDATE – ok it looks like it will be me), but until then here’s my setup for a self hosted WordPress site, I’m not an expert on WordPress code so try this at your own risk:


  • You’re going to want to disable WP-Cache while testing (if you have it)
  • Backing up your theme files before you get started would be a GREAT idea
  • Open in a new window or tab TipJoy’s banner page
  • Open in a new window or tab your homepage
  • Open in a new window or tab your WordPress Admin Page > Presentation > Theme Editor

Banner on Sidebar (or footer or whatever):

  • Generate the HTML you need from TipJoy, highlight it, and copy it
  • In the Theme Editor, open your sidebar page
  • Determine where in your sidebar you want the banner and find that in the sidebar code. Using your browser’s find function for some nearby text can make this go faster
  • Paste that code from TipJoy in where you want it and click the Update File button
  • Refresh your homepage
  • Don’t like it? Keep tweaking the location until you do!

Tip This button on each post:

  • Generate the HTML you need for the button from TipJoy, type Replace1 for the URL and Replace2 for the title (we’re going to replace them). Highlight and copy it
  • In the Theme Editor open your Single Post page (or whatever you have that’s similar)
  • You’ll want to tinker with this, but somewhere after the <?php the_content statement paste in your button code
  • Replace Replace1 with <?php the_permalink() ?>
  • Replace Replace2 with <?php the_title(); ?> be careful not to delete the existing end quotes
  • Click the Update File button
  • Goto a single post on your site and see if you like where the button is.
  • If you want to test then I suggest you clear your browser’s cookies and continue. Otherwise you’re done!
  • Click it to test and it will pop out a text box.
  • Under that text box you’ll see some text to sign in if you are already a member, click that
  • Your post’s title and URL should be on the page correctly!

Please post in the comments if this works / doesn’t work for you, I’ll help if I can and if not then maybe another reader will be able to!

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  • Ivan Kirigin

    Thanks for posting this! We can't wait to have full coverage on all the blogging platforms.

  • Ivan Kirigin

    Thanks for posting this! We can’t wait to have full coverage on all the blogging platforms.

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