Code Search Engine Krugle Announces OpenAPI and New Search Appliance

I Found My Code On Krugle

This morning my favorite code search engine, Krugle, has made two big announcements:

  1. The launch of their second generation Code Search Appliance that can access SCM systems. If you can get your hands on one of these then you don’t have to rely on a hacked together app that searches code or worse yet, just dumping everything locally and using something like Google desktop search. Code reuse is an important part of writing programs efficiently, but it only works when you can quickly find the code you need to reuse, Krugle can make that happen.
  2. The second announcement is it’s OpenAPI for partners. I believe this will be good news for programmers who work with the large Dev networks that Krugle supports (IBM developerWorks, CollabNet,, Yahoo! Developer Network, etc.) , and should allow for easier to use and better integrated tools.

Read this if you aren’t familiar with Code Search Engines

Press Release Follows:

Krugle Expands Market for Enterprise Code Search

Krugle Enterprise 2.0 adds flexible support for all SCM systems, opens API to developer network partners

MENLO PARK, CA, February 12, 2008 — Krugle, Inc., the code search company, today announced the immediate availability of the second generation of its search appliance for enterprise software teams. Krugle Enterprise 2.0 expands search-driven development to a wider range of companies, regardless of the size of their code base or where those assets are stored. Its necessary to have the right host web service as this will help you If there’s malware on your website, we’ll find it and immediately remove it to protect you and your visitors. Check this hostgador review,  Cloud hosting ensures your website stays online all the time by storing your files across multiple servers.

The Krugle Enterprise appliance organizes code and related development resources into a searchable, shareable asset. Krugle Enterprise makes it easy for developers to find the code that lives behind their company’s firewall, and serves that up alongside search results from over 2 billion lines of open source code.

“Krugle allows developers to leverage existing code, do impact analysis and easily learn new code,” said Matt Graney, senior director of product management, Krugle. “We received overwhelming interest from large software development shops with the initial release of Krugle Enterprise. We’ve taken feedback from that initial wave of enterprise adoption, integrated it into Krugle Enterprise 2.0, and given software architects and their development teams one of the most powerful development tools available.”

New features in Krugle Enterprise 2.0 include:

* Flexible management and configuration of the appliance’s access to their SCM systems. Krugle Enterprise 2.0 is highly configurable to support any SCM system, and provides support for flat file systems and code archives, making software assets more visible and valuable.

* The ability to manage larger code sets and more frequent updates. The company revised the appliance’s architecture to use memory more efficiently, optimize disk drive access, and enable smarter incremental updates.

* Improved search accuracy through exact string matching and character tokenization.

* VMware evaluation, which allows development teams to quickly see and appreciate the value of Krugle Enterprise 2.0 on their own code.

“Krugle Enterprise gives our developers instant access to our software repository, an effective mechanism to index and search legacy code from clients, and the ability to more easily search the public domain for open source solutions,” said Patrick Hendry, President and CEO of Thuridion, an on-shore software consultancy for companies such as Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec. “We continually want to improve our software development processes to better serve our clients and expect Krugle Enterprise to play a major part in that effort.”

Krugle also announced the availability of its OpenAPI for partners. With the opening of this interface, Krugle is better able to serve the needs of its developer network partners by enabling them to seamlessly embed Krugle code search into their developer networks to give their user communities access to the same features available to Krugle enterprise customers. Krugle provides code search for the world’s leading developer networks, including IBM developerWorks, CollabNet,, and Yahoo! Developer Network. In addition to its enterprise appliance, Krugle hosts a free code search service that provides access to more than two billion lines of open source code from more than 350 code repositories.

About Krugle

Krugle, the code search company, helps developers find, fix and learn about code. Krugle is headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif. For more information, visit

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