RecipeMatcher – Random Food to Tasty Meal

I was playing around with the new WebHotorNot and came across a really interesting site that I had never heard of before, RecipeMatcher a handy little tool that will let you plug in the ingredients that you have around the house and will suggest recipes from that. The site could be really useful in saving you a trip to the store while you’re hungry or at least in helping you clean out your pantry and fridge before things go bad.

Overall the site is very useful, it quickly looks through it’s database of recipes and suggests meals by popularity. You can filter by types of meals and a few other factors, but I think with a few small enhancements the site could be even more useful:

  • Ingredient priority – You know you want to use that chicken, so you should be able to see only recipes that have chicken!
  • Less pressure to register – To get full advantage of the service you are required to register, but it doesn’t really seem necessary just offer the whole service for free
  • User recipe uploads – Some of the meals are overly complicated and there can be times where the lack of simple recipes to choose from can lead you away from your goal
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