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I got a question on my post about how to fix the Removed by HIPS FW bug and I thought it was worth answering in another post. Mark, who has Roadrunner as his ISP, had downloaded their free offer of CA Internet Security suite and had since noticed that many of the files he was trying to download (i think from e-mail) where getting changed to .efw files. This is CA’s way of making sure you don’t accidentally run a file on the off chance that it contains a virus. The real problem here is that it can often prohibit you from running files intentionally! There are two ways to handle this:

  1. Rename the file extension - If it’s supposed to be a .zip file just rename it to .zip from .efw and you’re good to go! You will have to know what the file extension was supposed to be in the first place, but that’s all you have to do and it will work just like normal.
  2. Disable the quarantine - If you trust yourself more than CA does then you can just disable the feature that renames the files, here’s how:
  • Open the CA Security Center
  • Click on CA Personal Firewall then Open Advance Settings
  • On the Personal Firewall window, click the Email icon on the left
  • Select the Email Attachments tab on the top right
  • Scroll down and double click the .ZIP entry to pop up a small settings window
  • Uncheck the Quarantine all matching files box and click OK
  • Do the same for any other file types you regularly recieve

That should do it! Your version of CA could be a little different than the instructions provided above, but hopefully that will be enough information for you to find what you need, Good Luck!

P.S. If you just have CA for antivirus and are sick of it, then consider trying the free version of AVG. I have a link to the download site along with some other useful and free programs on my post about Great Free Software.  If you want a full internet security suite and are willing to pay for it, try one of the best: Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0

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  • Ikey

    Hey I'm having problems with my CA. I followed all the steps but when i click on the email attachments theres nothing there for me to scroll down….Are there any other options??

  • JamesPDX

    The files that I have downloaded had the .efw ext. I have already tried to rename these with the .zip , .tar, etc. without success. These files all have the same 404 KB size. (interesting: a 404 err msg is the file not found err.)

    Your info on CA and the fix for e-mail attachments may be good, but what of the browser donwnloads? Can this be the same issue?


  • harlod427

    since downloading ca on my comp, it takes forever to startup and then shuts down. roadrunner wans me to use my windows start up disc to fix this. if i do this i lose everything stored n my comp. they will not help me. what can i do?

  • Mary

    THANK you for solving my problem! Your step-by-step procedure to disable the .zip quarantine (which I didn't know existed) made it really simple to do. What a relief!!!

  • itstechnical

    Thank you for this tip! Saved me a lot of frustration!!!

  • Marco Murillo

    You're the man !!!.

  • EveningDawn

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  • Ciaron10

    ive disabled the .zip thing and when i go to re download the program it just goes right back to being a .efw file please help!!!

    contact me with Aim or MSN.
    AIM:Pr0stalkr (for Xbox live)

  • KnightKnetwork

    It may not be a .zip file, make sure to follow the instructions for any file
    type you may encounter

  • drfixup

    Excellent informative you nailed it.


    Dr Fix Up

  • kitztoo

    I have a similar problem but I'm downloading files that are zip and it changes file name and file extension. do you have any info how to fix the problem. I have tried to remane the files but he amount of files that I download is alot so it is tidious to change each one of them.

  • KnightKnetwork

    Don't know on that one. I have a picture renaming batch program I
    wrote that I could modify for you for a small fee. You'd need to be
    on a windows OS and not care too much about the new file names though.

    Sent from my iPod

  • exepersonexe

    how do you change the EFW file to exe?

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  • bare lifts

    diddo, I'm still at a loss about changing the efw to exe.

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