Geek Resolution #4

Resolution #1: Read a self-improvement book
Resolution #2: Learn a new Skill
Resolution #3: Lose weight

My next resolution is the most scary and exciting and it’s a continuation of last year and the spirit that led me to start the Knight Knetwork.

Resolution #4: Take more chances

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not talking about running with scissors.  I’m talking about measured risks and putting myself out there more.  I’ll give you my first example for the year.  I had to have a new heat pump installed and the company that did it for me didn’t have a website or their own company e-mail address.  I had just been working on the new site and felt confident enough to put together a simple site and set up the domain and e-mail on GoDaddy.  I’m inexperienced and by no means an expert so I’m charging only a small amount but the owner of the company jumped right on the idea.  One of my regular resolutions is to learn new skills, putting myself out there a little bit so I can use them is the next step.

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