Geek Resolution #3

Resolution #1: Read a self-improvement book
Resolution #2: Learn a new Skill

My next resolution is my least favorite of the group, but probably the most important.

Resolution #3: Lose weight

Statistically, most Americans could stand to lose a few pounds and it certainly wouldn’t hurt me any.  The problem is that losing weight is hard work and generally no fun.  Results can come slowly and it can be hard to stay motivated with temptation around every corner.  To really succeed in losing weight you need to change your lifestyle and your habits, you have to have a long term plan as well as a short term one.

I’m not much of a fad dieter, as far as I’m concerned to lose weight you need to watch what you eat and exercise more.  One thing that really worked well for coworkers and I was to lose weight together and to turn it into a competition.  We tracked our weight over the course of 3 months and all of us did very well and as we start up again this year, our starting weights are lower than they were the previous year meaning at least some of the loss stuck.  3 months might seem a little bit on the long side but I think you need to have your competition last that long for a few reasons:

  • It’s enough time for the good habits you take on to sink in and become routine
  • It gives you enough time to lose a significant amount of weight
  • It makes it harder for people to cheat (if there is something worth cheating for)

Good tracking tools are a must, a spreadsheet is good enough but if you want something better you should certainly check out our article on 15 Web 2.0 Diet/Fitness Sites.  And since we’re all programmers we’re working on something home grown this year, if it’s good enough maybe I can talk the guy doing most of the programming into releasing the code.

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  • Rowena

    I love a competition myself so hope your workmates and you are still comparing weight losses or have reached your goals are enjoying a healthier life. You are right Knight. As losing weight requires commitment and effort, tracking tools that reflect your weight loss accurately are important. Measuring more than lost pounds on your scales will provide a wider perspective and is a great motivator at times weight loss slows or becomes weight redistribution.

  • Mike Post

    Great article, man. Keep up the good work and please do keep sharing.

    Thanks in advance!


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    great read!

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