Fav.or.it – Google Reader on Steroids?

favorit.jpgI am a Google reader fan. To get me off Google reader will be difficult. But, along comes fav.or.it. Closed beta. Bummer. I am on the list but the screenshots look amazing. Scoble likes it so thats a plus for its chances.

Anyhow its a cool concept. It is like Google Reader on Steroids. Google reader is clean, has a shared feed, and keyboard shortcuts. As Scoble pointed out, any reader competitor that would get his attention (use) would need at least these things and more.

I am totally with him. From the fav.or.it home page this is their feature set so far…

* Full cycle feed reading. We aggregate – you read and reply all without leaving our site.
* Stream reading – single reading window that fills up with content as you scroll.
* Inline replying – Within our list and stream views you can post a reply and then just continue reading without leaving the page.
* Slicing – Quickly switch what you want to read by category, rank or tag.
* Blogging Platform – We have a unique take on how to start blogging.
* Republishing Platform – Take content and republish however you want.

What strikes me is the inline replying and the republishing platform. They will save and organize inline replies to be used as blog content later. Cool concept. A forum post or blog comment today will be a blog post tomorrow.

I can’t wait to try this. Links. Scoble Mashable ReadWriteWeb

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