More 2008 Presidential Candidate Quizzes

Presidential SealPresidential Candidate Selectors to help you match you views on the major issues with the candidates. This is a followup to my first post on Presidential Candidate matching quizzes.

  • Minnesota Public Radio’s Select a Candidate 2008: This is one of the most well designed of the quizzes. In addition to taking the quiz you can see the cumulative results from other quiz takers and get a little more information on the candidates views and how the are matched up to the quiz question answers.
  • quiz based on table: Interesting because you can goto’s page and see the chart that the quiz was made from and the scoring calculation is listed along with the code that makes up the site.
  • Internet Straw Poll: Simple but a little unsatisfying, go through the questions and get a suggested candidate, but only one and no more detail.
  • USA Today’s Candidate Match Game: OK I have to admit this is one of my favorites, not due to accuracy or better coverage, but because I liked watch the bobble-head likenesses of the candidates move as I answered questions… I’m easily entertained. Make sure to use the sliders to “weigh” the issues to get your most accurate result.
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    Just have to love these candidate quiz's. Even after the election.

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