Voyager Service Menu

10K-1I’ll get some more Voyager hacking info up soon, but one thing that you’ll need to know for sure is how to access the service menu:

First, open the phone. Then type in ‘##PROGRAM10000′ and press Send. The code is ’000000′, all zeros.

One very interesting piece of news coming from HowardForums is that you can steam audio and video via Orb. That means if you have a tuner card in your computer and install orb, you can stream your TV to the Voyager!

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  • Rachel

    THANKS SO MUCH I've been searching all over for how to do this with no luck cept for this site :)

  • Morphdude

    Flip the phone open.
    Using the QWERTY keypad, dial ##PROGRAM10000 and then press Send. Then enter 000000.
    NOTE: use SYM before hitting #… so… Sym 3 Sym 3 p r o g r a m 1 0 0 0 0 send

    The process of unlocking DUN on the Voyager is the same as previous LG phones such as the EN-V and Chocolate. It DOES work!!