Knight Knetwork Facebook Fan Page

KnightKnetwork LogoI’ve recently become a Facebook user, and while I’m not addicted like some people I know, I can certainly see how people might spend too much time on the site. I read an article that told me that I needed to make a Facebook fan page NOW!
My first instinct is to ignore this advice as being a little silly, why would I need to create a Facebook profile for this site when I want people to come here instead of spending more time on Facebook. After giving it a little more thought I’ve decided to go through with it, but I still feel like I might be sacrificing reader time to Facebook by creating more content for them, generating more pageviews for them, and encouraging my readers to track my site through theirs. Seems like a good deal for Facebook, we’ll see how it pans out for me and users like me. Visit The Knight Knetwork on Facebook.

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