Thanksgiving: New Beginnings

First nap in the cribThe thing that I’m most thankful for this year is new beginnings and I’ve had some successful ones this year.   There’s something wonderful about starting on something new and full of potential, the anticipation of making something happen and influencing the future is one of man’s greatest joys and there’s always something to be thankful for.

The first and most successful of these new beginnings was the birth of my beautiful son, our first child.  He is an endless source of joy and I am thankful for him everyday.  Fatherhood is one of the greatest beginnings in any man’s life and one that has been inspiring for me, pushing me to be a better person and to take opportunities that come my way.

The second new beginning that I’m thankful for is this site, one of the opportunities that I decided to take.   I started it as an experiment and a way to learn and play.  My goal was simple, to create a site that was useful and interesting enough to pay for itself, and for the past few months I’ve met that goal.  At least in theory I’ve earned enough to pay for the domain name and the past several months of hosting,  I actually need to make enough for Google to cut me a check for this to turn into a reality.  It’s been interesting, and I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me make this a better site and keep visitors coming.  I still have a lot to learn, but I pick up new knowledge and new skills everyday and posting is still fun and doesn’t seem like a job.  That’s really good as the money I am “bringing” in certainly isn’t enough to pay for the time I put in.

The third new beginning that I’m thankful for is the site.  I’ll talk more about that in my next Thankful post, I started it on a whim and it grew to something that amazed me.

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