Build an Advertiser Catalog for your Blog

Have you ever noticed that magazines, which are already jammed with ads as it is, will have a have devoted to a list of advertisers? Often it will be an index so that if you really want to see that Avodart ad you’ll know exactly where what page to eagerly flip to. Now that’s not something that I’ve ever used but it seems like it might not be a bad idea for a blog. Blog readers often want to support that site that has provided them with useful information, but don’t think to look for an ad that might interest them and click on it. Banner blindness is so complete that your users may not even recognize that there are ads to look at! An Ad Catalog will allow the users interested in supporting your blog with their purchases an opportunity to easily do so, they won’t have to go looking for that Amazon link the next time they want to place an order they can just go straight over to the catalog! I put mine together pretty quickly, but it’ll do for now. Take a look at the KnightKnetwork Ad Catalog

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