Walmart Has Gone Too Far!

   Everyone that has worked retail knows that after the discounted Halloween candy has all been sold off, you start pulling out the Christmas stock.  The music on the store radio will start mixing in holiday music and all your customers will complain about these things until Thanksgiving (rightfully).  On Thanksgiving you get together with your family and the conversation always drifts to possible gifts and leads to Black Friday battle plans that would make Napoleon proud.

These are our proud American Traditions, we will complain about and avoid all attempts to make us start shopping early until those drool inducing deals call to us in our overstuffed Thanksgiving stupor.  At that point in time we throw ourselves full force into the marketing machine that is the Holiday Season!

Does Walmart care about our traditions? No.  Does Walmart care about the little guy?  No.  Does Walmart understand anything about the American Family except that we want everything cheap and in one place?  No.

What have they done?  They are trying to move Black Friday to the Friday after Halloween!  Jerks!  You can’t mess with an American Tradition like Black Friday and hope to get away with it!  Boycott these deals!  Do not let this stand! I for one will not stand in line and fight for your anti-American deals!

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    I am also a part of retail sector in India – Reliance; As per my understanding a retail company only know how to play with people festive season to make more n more money. The only moto of these companies no matter what method they need to implement to make money.

    I agree with the details you have posted.

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