Chumby Price Released Along with Invite Only Sale

The Chumby is a very interesting little toy, it starts out as an alarm clock but it can be so much more. The Chumby has wi-fi, an accelerometer, a squeeze sensor, a touchscreen, speakers, USB ports, and unfortunately a permanent power cord. This device is open source, has open hardware, and even has open sewing patterns to make it one of the most customizable gadgets ever released. See how people have modified them in this flickr group. I got an early invitation to buy (although it doesn’t seem to work) and I’m very tempted to add this to my Christmas list. If only it had a battery or my work had wi-fi! Still the sheer potential of this device calls to me… we’ll just have to see.


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  • Morphdude

    Very cool, but not 179.95 cool for something that starts out as an alarm clock…

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