Verizon WAP Hackers Must Read: New $1.99/MB Charge

Verizon will be issuing new calling and data plans that take effect in November 2007. The most important change to note for those out there using the WAP hack is that there will no longer be a minutes only web access plan, and that any type of data connection will now be subject to a $1.99/MB charge. Here are the new plans displayed on phone arena.

If you act quickly you can add the $5/mo mobile web plan before the new plans take effect. This option will be discontinued, but if you already subscribe your service will be grandfathered in as long as you keep your current plan. I still suggest you keep your WAP hack intact if you use a proxy and not just the hack. A proxy with cookie support adds enough extra benefits to make it worth the extra trouble, the ability to check your gmail on your cell phone is worth the trouble by itself!

*For more info on hacking see the Cell Phone Toolkit

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