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Content timing control can be a pain, if you have a big announcement and want everyone to have the link ahead of time then you have to coordinate publishing time of the content yourself. There ought to be an easier way and that’s where WhenGuard comes into play with their jitlinks (just in time links). You can publish your content whenever you have it ready and then schedule it’s release with WhenGuard’s simple and easy to use interface, you’ll get a link that goes to a countdown page until your specified time, when the link becomes a redirect to your URL. I use WordPress’s ability to schedule content all the time, but it’s not that easy for some publishers, here are a few recommended uses from the WinGuard FAQ:

  • Online Surprise Party Invitations
  • Delay the release of personal info on classified ads
  • Bloggers can time privileged info to release with the press release
  • Public Relations professionals can distribute a Press Release URL ahead of time
  • Teachers can publish tests, notes, or assignments and students will only know where to look when it’s appropriate
  • Set a date and time that’s already passed for a tinyurl-like service.

I’m sure there a ton more uses that a creative person could come up with, including publishing contest clues, etc. This is a simple, easy to use, and very effective tool. I suggest you bookmark it and make use of it!

WhenGuard SS

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  • http://whenguard.com MidtownNinja


    I am the creator of WhenGuard. Thank you very much for your comments.

    I’ve just updated the faq with two new uses for WhenGuard:

    – If you’re a musician and you want to start distributing tickets for your show at a particular time, you can do so with WhenGuard and still pass out the link ahead of time.
    – If you’re an online merchant who wants your audience to get to Internet coupons at exactly the right time, you can distribute a jitlink to the coupons or special offers well before they take effect.

    WhenGuard is still young and in active development. Many features are coming out in the next week or two. Please keep giving feedback so we can improve the site for you.


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