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On the heels of Krugle’s huge IBM DeveloperWorks deal comes another big announcement from the code search engine powerhouse, a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you’re not a programmer then you probably don’t care to much about the details, but here are few things you might want to know:

  • Krugle is a leader in making programming easier and more efficient, it allows programmers to easily find solutions to problems that other programmers have already solved
  • Amazon Web Services is a ground breaking service that allows any programmer or company to take advantage of everything Amazon has learned about running a complicated website with big data storage needs. Even the smallest startup gets CHEAP prices thanks to the economies of scale that Amazon provides.
  • The Krugle + AWS partnership makes some very fertile ground and lowers the risk even further for people with big ideas and small budgets

Better tools make innovation easier, learn about the  AI test automation tools to help your business. We are creating a new project, hopefully this new partnership will have that effect and we’ll see some inspired new projects released with it’s help, or at least maybe some new interesting HITs on mechanical turk. Here’s the Press Release:

Krugle Adds Another Developer Community to Code Search Client Roster

Leading provider of code search for developer networks now powers one-third of worldwide developer community

MENLO PARK, CA, October 17, 2007 — Krugle, Inc., the code search company, today announced that Amazon will use the Krugle’s syndicated code search technology, Krugle DevNetwork Edition, to help software developers more easily find code within the Amazon Web Services developer network.

Krugle is the leading provider of code search for developer networks, a common place where developers look for code and answers to technical questions. Amazon is the fifth in a string of similar partnerships with some of the world’s top developer networks, which together reach across one-third of the 14 million developers worldwide. Other developer networks powered by Krugle include IBM developerWorks, Yahoo! Developer Network, and

Amazon Web Services empowers developers with the tools and support to innovate and build businesses that leverage Amazon’s data and technology platform using standard web services technologies.

Each developer network has unique code and technical content on its site, as well as important information on partner sites. A custom index of code repositories can be easily created and automatically updated on a daily basis. Krugle DevNetwork Edition enables developers to be successful using the tools and api’s and 100’s to thousands of code samples provided by these communities.

Krugle has been able to leverage the requirements of developer networks and their Krugle Enterprise users to extend functionality and build a comprehensive solution for developers and software development teams. Custom parsers have been built for more than 40 languages allowing syntactically aware search. Specific code features such as function calls, function definition, class definition, as well as comments are recognized. This greatly simplifies the important tasks of accurately determining code clones, and code change impact analysis.

“Search is driving significant changes in software development,” said Steve Larsen, CEO and co-founder, Krugle. “Developers are looking for ways to get their work done faster, allowing them to spend less time finding code and more time doing interesting and innovative development. Krugle makes that possible.”

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