Facebook is the new what?

I must confess, I have finally broken down and joined the masses on Facebook. There was no great lapse in my judgment or wave of heard mentality that swept over me, I was forced to join in order to see a friend’s pictures and was impressed enough afterwards that I have decided to become a regular user.  If you don’t know what facebook is then I can tell you that according to some digging done by Alexa blogger Derrick Pallis, Facebook is the new AOL, the new Microsoft, the new Google, the New MySpace, and the new internet.  To a lesser degree, Facebook is also the new Apple and somehow Facebook is the new Facebook.

Facebook is a “jack of all trades” on the internet and it pulls together all of the social web tools that people use to stay in touch with each other and crams it onto a single, simple, and highly customizable webpage.  It supports crude forms of e-mail, IM, photosharing, videosharing, lifecasting, blogging, calender, and classifieds.  There’s more, but there’s a ton of worthless junk too, and it’s all very viral.    There’s a lot of competition out there for this model and a lot of interest in ways to pull all this information together, I’m going to let the shiny newness wear off and take a look back and see how I like it in a few weeks.  I think I’ll still use it regularly, so if you want to drop me a line on Facebook and tell me what you like about it I’ve put a link to my profile on the about page.  Feel free to comment here as well!

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    Yes you are right that “Facebook is the new AOL, the new Microsoft, the new Google, the New MySpace, and the new internet” i am agree with you and i think nowadays there is no one competitor of facebook in-spite of it that google+is in field now, but i think facebook will defend for his worth.