ThinkGeek Releasing WiFi Detector T-Shirt

ThinkGeek has done it again, they are going to be selling an animated T-Shirt with a built in WiFi detector! The lighting on the shirt changes as the signal strength increases and decreases. I hope they get this in time for Halloween shipping, but it doesn’t look like they will. I can think of a couple of great geek costumes. Grab something net-like and an erratic walk and you can be a NetStumbler! Or, an army helmet and a steering wheel and you can be a WarDriver! I guess you wouldn’t have to have the shirt for those, but it would help. It’s priced at only $29.99.  Click on the pictures to go to the ThinkGeek product page.  They already offer a couple of animated T-Shirts:

The T-Qualizer that responds to sound:

The T-Qualizer Babydoll Tee:

The Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt (I guess Pong is copyrighted?):

And The Animated Transformers Shirt:

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  • Morphdude

    LoL, love the shirts!