Krugle Gains Access to IBM Code

Not illegally or anything, but still a huge deal.  If you are a programmer and you aren’t using a code search engine then you are working too hard – why reinvent the wheel?  You may even be working on a solution to a problem that has already been solved in a more efficient manner a.k.a “Reinventing the Dead Horse”.  As part of my Programmer Day celebration I posted an article on 5 search engines that were worth looking into and my personal favorite is Krugle.   They are already involved with great projects like SourceForge and this IBM DeveloperWorks deal includes over 4,000,000 lines of code in 35 different languages!  Here’s the press release:

Krugle Extends Enterprise Reach


Code search deal with top developer network breaks new ground for enterprise developers


MENLO PARK, CA, October 3, 2007 –  Krugle, Inc., the code search engine company, today announced that IBM will use its Syndicated Code Search technology to make it easier for enterprise developers to find code related to general search topics on IBM’s developerWorks site.


The announcement adds to a growing list of top development communities using Krugle’s technology.  The list includes, CollabNet, and the Yahoo! Developer Network.


“IBM has one of the most advanced developer communities in the industry,” said Steve Larsen, CEO and co-founder, Krugle.  “They understand the value of making code samples more easily accessible to developers.  IBM also understands the importance of community and collaboration.  Integrating Krugle’s code spaces, comments and collaboration capabilities into developerWorks enables the success of developers who use IBM products.”


IBM will enable code search for every general search on developerWorks, which covers every product IBM has in its portfolio.  In addition to being available as part of the general search capabilities within developerWorks, IBM has plans to include a button on every article page that allows for code search on the sample code associated with the article.


Recent popular articles on developerWorks include:


End-to-end Ajax application development, Part 3: Integrate, test, and debug the application,


Cook up Web sites fast with CakePHP, Part 5: Adding cache,


Ajax and XML: Five common Ajax patterns,


ClearCase: The ten best scripts,


Krugle is working with companies with developer communities, such as IBM, to enable independent indexes and automated code updates.  The Krugle API framework allows the company to implement and deploy its syndicated search with partners in 30 days.


As part of its agreement with IBM, Krugle becomes the first and preferred hosted search engine to have access to IBM code files in its index.


Krugle has indexed more than 1,400 articles on developerWorks, producing more than 29,000 source files with more than 4 million lines of code.  The index includes code in more than 35 languages, including C, XML and Java.


About Krugle

Krugle, the code search company, helps developers find, fix and learn about code.

The Krugle Enterprise appliance searches across code repositories and development resources, using contextual search to provide valuable insights to developers.  Krugle allows developers to leverage existing code, do impact analysis and easily learn new code.


Krugle provides code search for developer networks including CollabNet,, and Yahoo! Developer Network.  In addition, Krugle hosts a free code search service, leveraging over 2 billion lines of open source code.

Krugle is headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif. For more information, visit



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