Beyond the Baby Name Book

Baby name books are a staple in any house that’s expecting a little bundle of joy, but which book should you choose? The one claiming the highest name count or the one claiming to The Best, or The Greatest, or The Perfect book? Well name count isn’t everything or the white pages would be sitting there on the shelf and I’m always skeptical when the authority that declares a person, object, or generation to be the greatest is the very same person, object, or generation. Eventually you’ll decide on a few books and flip through them and wish they could offer a little bit more. When you do, I’ve got a couple of very interesting sites that I’ve come across you should check out:


- The Baby Name Wizard’s NameVoyager is a very slick little layer display of names and their popularity over time, clicking or typing in a name will take you to an individual graph for easier tracking. Make sure to check out the associated blog. You know that story that you hear about Lemonjello and Oranjello… not true!


- Nymbler uses a patented “hunch engine” to make name suggestions based on names you currently like. You can add up to six seed names either by typing or selecting from the list of suggested names. You can drop your seed names if you see some you like better and save off your favorites to e-mail or print, if you don’t like one of the suggestions you can add it to your blocked names list and it won’t pop up anymore. It’s a fun and very useful tool and an interesting use of all the raw data that available on names, even if you don’t find that perfect name you’ll at least find it interesting.

P.S. The Knight Knetwork is the greatest site of it’s generation! hhmmmm I wonder if I could get Tom Hanks to say that so it’s more believable?

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