Polled.info Relaunched as Poll Aggregator

Polled.info LogoThe Knight Knetwork is proud to announce that we are relaunching Polled.info. The site was originally launched as an experiment in Amazon’s Unspun technology, but no one was really interested in that and the unspun widget doesn’t lend itself to search engine crawls so that means no traffic. I still like the site name and I am really interested in polling, especially right now as we’re getting to the point where I need to start paying attention to primary candidates. I’ve turned the site into a Poll aggregator that is pulling polls from sites like Pollster and Gallup. There will still be some tinkering and perhaps a few more polling sites added, but the major work is done. Please come check us out and make sure to comment!

UPDATE:  I didn’t have time to comment on the polls and build the site as I had hoped, so it didn’t feel right just to pull other’s content and I’ve deleted that and will rework the site at a later date.  If you want polling info about the elections you can’t do any better the Pollster.com

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