is a hit!

Wow! What a day! We set new traffic highs here on the KnightKnetwork, but those were dwarfed by the volume on! I was using wordpress stats which bases itself on GMT and things got off to a good start, we broke our traffic record before 8 AM Eastern.  ProgrammerDay tracked pretty closely until it got picked up by some international sites, then a quick run by stubleupon and then a huge crush when it hit the front page of Fark.  It should hit 18K hits for the past two days around 8 AM Eastern!  Fark brought the site to it’s knees and it looks like no donationions and no t-shirt sales for all of that so I need to work on my marketing,  and no improved hosting for next year unless I can work out something.  I’ve got a year I guess, but feel free to post any ideas!

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  • Jeff Fassnacht

    Congratulations, David!