Programmer Day Logo

Help us turn the totally unofficial Programmer Day into the semi-unofficial Programmer Day! We’ve launched as the Official, unofficial home to this unofficial Holiday! The holiday has twice been deleted from wikipedia due to lack of evidence and support, will be the masthead for gathering everything needed to push this special day forward!  Updates will be frequent the next few days so check back often!

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  • Morphdude

    Gotta love it!

    Q: Your logo has 1111 1111 that's 255, not 256, right?
    A: While 1111 1111 = 255 as a direct conversion, it's the 256th value so it is correct. January 1st is 0000 0000 so if you celebrate Programmer Day on the 255th day you're guilty of an off by one error.”

    Guilty of an off by one error. LMAO!!!