There’s no such thing as an iPhone killer

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by niv tishbi

It seems that any product that hits the market with a “killer” buzz is doomed to live it’s life in the shadows as the second rate version of the product it’s supposed to have taken down. You see this all the time, a new product is announced and it might even have a few extra features but as soon as someone starts slinging around the killer buzz you can go ahead and invest in the other company and know your money is safe.

I think the biggest target for assassination is Apple. There have been an endless parade of ipod killers that have hit the market with trumpeted fanfare only to have the market hit them right back. I don’t know that we’ll see the same thing in the phone market, Apple has it’s work cut out there, but if rumors of a nano version of the iPhone are true then they might have a shot. Still, even though the iPhone doesn’t have the market share advantage that the ipod does, there are products that are getting buzz as iPhone “killers”. Two in particular that seem to be in the pipeline are google’s phone which we’ll call the gPhone and several Linux based phones, the one I’ve followed the most is the Openmoko FIC Neo1973

The gPhone is still pretty much up in the air and is hard to find much about but has a lot of hype and a lot of potential, like many of Google’s projects. In the end, I think Google and Apple will be after different segments of the market, I see the gPhone coming in at the lower end of the market, Google will aim for the broadest section of the market to push their marketing and services (aka marketing). The Openmoko series of phones is hard to predict, for now I can’t imagine an open linux based phone taking the market by storm and the specs on the first phone are pretty lackluster as Apple fans are happy to point out (that’s a good read actually).

Anyway, all this talk of Apple Killers has made we want to buy some Apple stock, I’ll have to see if Fidelity has any mutual funds heavily invested….

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