Digg API Bugg! Check Your Links

The First Computer Bug

I’ve been using Gregarious for the social bookmarking links on the Knetwork and it’s really an amazing plugin. Shortly after this week’s Digg update I noticed that some of my Digg links were going astray, instead of going where they were supposed to, they linked off to seemingly random older stories on Digg. Not good! Check ALL of your Digg links for this past week to make sure the work correctly!

After further investigation I figured out that the diggs were running off to stories that had the same title as the Digg category they were submitted into. Upgrading Gregarious didn’t solve the problem. I did some reading and posted a help post on Gregarious’s author’s website and he’s been kind enough to look into it. He believes that there was a problem with the Digg API and notified them of the issue. The problem seems to have been corrected but I manually fixed my links so I don’t know if the correction fixes previous bad links. If not, here’s what I did in WordPress as a workaround to get things pointing back where they belong:

  1. Wait until the post is Dugg
  2. Goto the edit page and expand the Custom Fields section
  3. In the href portion of the link code remove the extra / after digg.com so it looks like …digg.com/blahblahblah instead of digg.com//blahblahblah
  4. Click the Update button next to the field
  5. Confirm that your link works!
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