Outsource Your Blog?

outsource.jpgThe point of having a blog is to present your own content correct? I thought so. A blog is the average person’s chance to tell the world just what they think. I can be a columnist and publicize, criticize, or simply rant about anything.

In comes ListPipe – http://www.listpipe.com. This new startup will create you a blog and post content “relevant content” to it on a regular basis on any subject of your choosing. From the about page:

“We’ll create a free blog website for you, and posting Powerful Custom Content to your site every week.”

Pricing starts at $46/month. They will even throw in custom artwork for a price. Check it out. Blogging has so jumped the shark. See Alexa ranking.

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    Thanks, I've been looking for a step-by-step guide for upgrading wordpress on GoDaddy for quite some time now.

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    Hey so I just found your blog on accident and I must admit that Ive been reading for the last half hour. Great site.

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    There are lots of resource that provice free content for your site, just go to google and search.

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    What is the best place or company to outsource a PR Blog with?

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    So can you call that blog yours just because you pay for it?

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    There are many people who are thinking the same, but it matters on how you will use your blog for. If it's personal use, then you shouldn't outsource, but if it's for the company, then you may do so. You need to find a right person to do this for you.

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    If you have been considering a business blog, but have been putting it off due to time constraints, consider hiring a blog virtual assistant to help. By delegating some of the tasks involved with blogging, you free up your time to create great content, and to focus on other aspects of your business.


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    Blogging is the easiest and most effective way to communicate with your customers, clients or prospects. One of the key factors for many business bloggers is that blogs can be a very inexpensive form of marketing, a lot of value for a relatively small investment. -Yolanda

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    I know of someone who outsourced the “daily chatter” part of his blog to home-based workers on a pay-per-post basis. They are given broad guidelines so that they stay within the vertical. It’s worked well enough that the owner has withdrawn and just does the back-end stuff and offers general guidance. I should mention that the setup is such that the public does not see that there are multiple authors. I was impressed.

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    Yes you can, but you have to monitor it. I use my own posts but also have ghost writers who I give a topic to, they then do the research and write an article. I then go in and amend the article to match my own thoughts and views. So your can outsource but it depends on the topic area. If its a personal blog then you need to manage it. -Josh

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    Generally, blogging is suppose to be a venue where you can put in your thoughts. However, the use of blogs has morphed into something else. For business bloggers, it only makes sense to get a VA to do the mundane task of creating content especially since you want to keep content updated.

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    Wow this is new to me. A company thinking thoughts for you? That's very useful for businesses!

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