Wesabe updates the browser snapshot tool

Once again Wesabe makes it easy on me to find something to write about.  In the last update they included my suggestion for a cropping tool in their latest version of the firefox plugin (1.0.5).  After you auto upgrade to the latest version you can click and drag a crop box around the area you want to snag and when you release you’ll get a prompt confirming that’s what you wanted to do.  After the prompt you’re presented with your cropped image and the same options to save to to Wesabe or to your own computer. 

Here’s the Cropping tool in action… you can’t see the crosshairs here but you can see the highlighted crop area (see Polled.info if you don’t see the difference):

Wesabe Crop Test 1 (click for full size)

And here is the version I saved to my computer:

Wesabe Crop Results

Nice huh?  While I do plan to use this for it’s intended purpose, but it’s also a nice little tool to quickly grab something for a background, silly photoshop of a coworker, for a blog, etc.  Thanks again to the folks over at Wesabe for what they are doing and thanks to both Marc and Jeff from Wesabe for dropping by and leaving comments.

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