Photoshop Won’t Start

The First Computer Bug

My wife’s copy of Photoshop was doing some pretty weird things.  It would go through all the motions of starting up and then just disappear, crashing with no warning or error code.  I tried several different things including disabling the spyware detector and anti-virus to no avail.  Then I did what I should have done in the first place, I Googled it.  I had it fixed in about a minute after reading this post.  It tuns out that the settings file had somehow gotten corrupted and just needed to be deleted.  Holding down Ctrl, Alt, and Shift will allow you to do this.  When prompted, just delete the file and Photoshop works again!  You’ll have to customize a few things over again but that not a big deal compared to it never working again.

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  • Morphdude

    Very interesting! I wish I would have read this along time ago before I decided to just reinstall the whole program… I will keep this in mind if it ever happens again. Thanks!

  • spyware removal

    Sounds like a corrupted file, or a spyware infection.

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  • Merrick Before Salmon Dog

    I am also having same problem and it really stuck my mind. I need to do some urgent work on Photoshop but it has prevented me a lot.

  • Cecil @ Web Design

    This might have something to do with the program itself I also had the same problem but when I was using photoshop for so long it hangs when I’m editing large images ….

  • Marcie

    That’s not working for me. I can’t launch, get an error message and invitation to “retry.” That’s all, over and over again. Anybody know how to help?