Thanks Jeff!

Weasbe Slides Play/Pause

Now THIS is service.  Poor Jeff at Wesabe hits Google to see if anyone has written about his hard work and upgrades to the home page and he comes across this article that I wrote.  Mostly praise but with a section asking for a play pause button on the slideshow and comparing one of the design decisions to a bandage on the face of a plastic surgery patient.  Well, as you can see, a play/pause button has been added (color removed for emphasis) despite my overdramatic description. Thanks Jeff!  I guess the black banner at the top is sticking around?

I snapped the above picture with the Browser Snapshot tool in the new Wesabe FireFox Uploader Extension.  I had to crop it to get this image, which made me think that the addition of a cropping tool would be helpful in keeping file sizes smaller.  Allowing users to upload more receipt images and slowing down the speed Wesabe will eat server disk space.  Not to mention it might save a step for those of us who aren’t always going to use it for it’s intended purpose.

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  • Marc Hedlund

    Hey, David,

    We’ve added a crop function to Browser Snapshot. Just drag a region in the snapshot before saving. Make sure you’ve upgraded to Firefox Uploader 1.0.5 to get the cropping feature.

    And, Jeff is off getting married! But, I’m sure he’ll like seeing this when he gets back.

    Thanks again for all the great feedback and suggestions — not to mention talking to the press about us!


  • Jeff Fassnacht

    Wow. Thanks for noticing!

    I actually used Technorati to find the original post :) Seriously, though, the back and forth with Wesabe members who care enough to shout out on the web is part of what makes this job fun… so, thank you again.

    All the best,