Seatguru – No more guessing when you select your seat.

Plane SeatsEver been faced with the seat selection screen when booking your plane ticket and wishing you knew a LOT more than the tiny little plane diagram could tell you?  Well, Seatguru is the place to go when you are faced with that decision.  They’ve looked at everything that makes a seat good and what makes a seat bad.  The last time I flew out to San Francisco I had great seats every time.  No seats that don’t recline, no seats with a bad view of the movie screen, and no seats with luggage and leg room taken up by those under seat air handlers!  There is a lot more to be learned from the site too, if you are trying to decide what airline to take you can check out their comparison chart to make sure their seats have a nice recline angle, find out if you get your own personal in -seat TV screen, or if you might be able to plug in your laptop or DVD player.  There really is a wealth of information available and the notes and color coding on the plane diagram make picking the perfect seat a breeze!

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  • Morphdude

    Very great info! I do alot of flying and will have to take a look into this! TY

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    wow with such idea its going to be really easy to get nice seat :)

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