Wesabe has a big month of updates

WasabiWesabe has a pretty big month with several major enhancements and updates to the service.  The first of these was the release of a Wesabe API (Application Programming Interface).  For you fellow programmers out there this gives you the opportunity to “scratch your itch” and do something with the data from Wesabe that it doesn’t already do.  The most interesting part about the API is that it’s essentially an API for your bank as well!  In my experience most financial institutions are very wary of the internet, perhaps due to their own fears and perhaps due to their customer’s fears of hackers and identity thieves.  If you aren’t a programmer then this is still news that you can get excited over, because you now you have a small army of developers adding their own features to work alongside Wesabe that they might share or that might get incorporated into the main site.  The API is still a work in progress I’m looking forward to playing with it when I can put some time into it and try to remember how to work in Python (there are other supported languages as well)

 Also, annouced today is a FireFox Uploader Extension

From what I read it looks like the uploader is sort of a macro recorder, keeping track of keystrokes and clicks to allow automated login in and download your financial data even if your bank (or operating system) won’t work with the current Wesabe uploader.  This will be a big help to foreign and linux users, but isn’t something that I need since all my data gets pulled down without issue using the current uploader.  This should be pretty reliable as long as your bank doesn’t use a CAPTCHAor change they way you login often.  I might install it due to the last major enhancement announced this month (so far at least). 

You now have the ability to attach a file to a transaction, on the surface the value of this might not be easy to see.  But think of all the receipts that you have to store for various reasons, either reimbursal, tax deduction, warranty, or any other reason and how messy your receipt box/envelope is.  Now all you have to do as attach a scanned copy of the receipt to the transaction and tag it with “reimburse”, “tax deduction”, “warranty”, or whatever and just pull up that tag when you need the receipt.  If scanning sounds like too much trouble the FireFox Extension gives you a quick screen capture and upload option for your online/e-mail “print and retain” receipts.  When the transaction comes through you just attach the shot to it, tag it and you’re done.  Current limits are 2MB per file and 1GB per user.  All for free! 

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