I did NOT scream like a little girl

First, let me tell you that this is not my usual type of “bug” post.  Here’s what happened:

   My 5 1/2 month old son had just started an afternoon nap and my wife took the opportunity to get in the shower (which is why you can’t believe her if she says I screamed like a little girl and jumped on a chair).  I heard my son stirring and walked into his nursery to help him get back to sleep, I sat down next to his crib and was patting him back to sleep when I felt something tickle my foot.  At first I just guessed it was the cat, but a moment later it occurred to me that CATS ARE SOFT!  I immediately picked my foot up and looked down to see….

This monster staring right back at me

Stag Beetle

It was dark and he was not the least bit scared of me.  I jumped out of the chair and turned on the light (in very manly way)  and came back to take a closer look.  I found a jar to put him in and nudged him into it and then searched the crib and the rest of the room to see if he had any friends around.  I have no idea how this guy got into the house, up a flight of stairs, and made a left into the babies room.  I kept him on my desk for a little while for ID,  where I grew pretty fond of the fellow, and now he’s been released into the front yard on parole for good behavior.

He was a male Stag Beetle (Lucanus capreolus)!  If you ever need to ID a bug I found these two sites to be very helpful:  Bug Guide and What’s that bug?

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  • Josh

    ROFL, I feel for you man.

    hahaha thats funny.

  • Josh

    ROFL, I feel for you man.

    hahaha thats funny.

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