Orb – Stream your media anywhere

Download OrbIf you haven’t heard of Orb, it’s time to check it out.  Orb allows you to stream any of your media over the internet for free.  That means you can see your pictures, listen to your music, watch video files, and if you have a TV input card you can even watch TV!  All of this is provided free of charge, all you need to do is download the server and set up an account to get going.  I have no idea how they make a profit from this service, there is only minimal advertising on the site and I’ve heard of partnerships that include their software on a settop box.  Even with all that I’m not sure how they can pay their bandwidth bills, it appears that anything that you stream goes through their servers so that it can be streamed to you.  Makes you wonder what data they collect about what you view and how you do it.  Their privacy policy looks pretty standard so hopefully any data that’s collected is depersonalized.

   After you have an account on orb.com and have downloaded and installed the server, you’ll need to add the location of all the media files you want to access to the server configuration, and  forward port 82 and 554 to your serving computer.

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