FTP – Access your files from anywhere

FileshareIf you need to move files back and forth from your home to another location and back again, or if you want to be able to send a large file to a friend or group of friends that won’t fit in an e-mail, then a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server is the solution you need.  As with all remote access solutions you’ll need a FTP Server on the computer with the files you want to access and a FTP client on the computer you want to access the files from.  An excellent free FTP server and client is Filezilla.  You’ll also want to check out the documentation for help in getting setup, but in general you’ll need to:

  1. Download and install the server on the computer you want to host your data from
  2. Setup a user account and password (avoid Admin or Administrator) for each user you want to give access to
  3. Restrict each users access to only the folders on the server that they will need to access
  4. Know your IP address or setup a DynDNS account and will need to forward port 21 to your local box.
  5. Download and install the client on the computer you want to have access to your FTP Server.
  6. Fill in the IP/Hostname your User Name and Password, set the port to 21 and connect!
  7. You’ll see file system your your local computer on the left and the server on the right, drag and drop files between them as needed.

This is a gross simplification of this process so check out the Filezilla documentation and look for a more detailed post some time in the future.

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