Remote Access Toolkit Added

The Remote Acces Toolkit has been added to the Toolkits page.  I’ve listed a few programs that you might want to try.  Look for further reviews of these in the future:


- RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) – If the remote machine is running XP Pro, XP Media Center, or Vista Business or higher then you’ll have the RDP server available.  You can log in remotely like a local user and it’s like your monitor is just really far away.  If you don’t have these operating systems you’ll need a VNC program (these are slower) 

- VNC (Virtual Network Computing) – Allows you to see and control a remote computer’s desktop on your local computer.  There are several different flavors of VNC.  I recommend RealVNC (free).

- FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – Share folders over the Internet and allow file transfer back and forth.  I recommend Filezilla (free).

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