DynDNS Announces 2 Million Users – Are you one?

DynDNS logoDynDNS has announced that it now has more than 2 million users, that’s a huge number but it’s no surprise.  They provide a great service and have the delineation of their free and pay products set perfectly.  DynDNS provides DNS services for individuals and small companies, allowing their users to have a hostname for any IP address that they are assigned even if that IP address isn’t static.  With their free service you get an account and are allowed to pick a subdomain hostname from one of their domains.  The company does a lot more that I won’t talk about, but here is a full list of services.

Let me clear this up a little with an example… 

Let’s say I want to run HoTTProxy, VNC, and/or a FTP server off of my home machine so that I can transfer large files to work and then back home again.  I’ll need to be able to direct a client for those pieces of software to my house and then forward a port on my router to the machine running the server.  I could just memorize my IP address and hope it doesn’t change before I need to use it, or I could sign up for a free Dynamic DNS account at DynDNS and get a easy to remember and automatically updated hostname on one of DynDNS’s 68 domains

So, no more having to remember a weird series of numbers, I just have to remember dknight.dyndns.org or the even easier to remember dknight.is-a-geek.com.  The Dynamic part comes in when you tell DynDNS your IP address so that it can correctly route traffic to your house.  There are two ways to do this, the first is to download and leave running a free client that checks your IP and updates your Dynamic DNS account.  The second is to check and see if your router has this functionality built in already and set it up to do the updating.

If you want to do anything remotely on your home network, do yourself a favor and join the millions of others already using DynDNS.

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