Downloadable Amazon Movie Rentals

Amazon had a sale on rentals this weekend, several of their more popular titles were on sale for $.99  The service is called Unbox.  They have rentals and purchases.  The feature that I was the most interested in was the download straight to TiVo.  All that you have to do is register your TiVo on Amazon (just type in your username and password and that’s it)

Once I was logged in my TiVo was listed as the download to and you just check out with one-click and your download will start to your network attached TiVo within 15 minutes.  You have 30 days to start the movie on a rental and 24 hours to finish once you’ve started.  If you don’t have a TiVo you can download to your computer.  Seems like this would be most useful for laptops and computers with a TV out.  I’ll have to see how the download goes, it looks like the cost for new release rentals is $3.99 so netflix will be a better deal for most people, but it certainly beats going to the video store!

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