The First Computer Bug

In FireFox I was getting a weird addition on an image link:

<!– Removed by HIPS FW

And then a whole lot more dashes, well it turns out that my CA Internet Security Suite thought there was a “web bug” and edited the HTML before displaying! How nice, I’m not a fan of the CA Suite it’s worse than Norton. Anyway, to get rid of this:

  1. Open up the Personal Firewall section.
  2. Click the Privacy Icon.
  3. Under Cookie Control click the advanced button. This will open a new sub-window with multiple tabs.
  4. On the first tab uncheck “disable web bugs” in the third party section.
  5. Now refresh your web page and it should be back to normal!

If you’re ready to dump CA here are a few alternatives available at amazon, read the reveiws before you buy and check out some of the free options like ZoneAlarm.

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  • BL

    Thanks man, I’ve been searching for hours, I really appreciate it. I got CA Security Suite from Road Runner website, because thats my internet provider, so I was like hey, free software, thanks. Good thing I found this before I uninstalled something important. Thanks again.

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  • Dham

    You da man! I been lookin for about a good month on how to fix this problem, and you just helped me in a big way. Those damn people at CA havent even replied to my email. But with that you also some how enlightened me on how to stop my zip files from turning into efw files courtesy of that damn HIPS email crap. Thanks again!

  • Jeanette

    Thanks very much. The latest version of CA caused me much failure. This was my final problem to fix and your advise worked perfectly. You should have seen how ugly CNN.com displayed!

  • http://loricamper.com Lori C.

    Thank you! I had this problem today but was able to quickly fix it with the information you posted.

  • http://www.muralceramico.com Daniela Espinosa

    Hey. I tried what you said, but the “Removed by HIPS FW” sign is still there. It appears in my website only when i open it with Firefox. The thing is that it didn’t happen before, only after i had to delete it and upload all the files again due to a problem with my PC. Do you know any other way to fix this?

  • http://www.knightknetwork.com David

    Hi Daniela,

    The symptoms sound the same as what I was getting. The only things I can suggest are to double check the settings again and make sure that they applied correctly, then reboot. If that doesn’t take care of it then I’m not sure what to try unless you might have multiple installs or some other security software working against you. You can prove that it’s still CA by disabling it and seeing if the problem goes away. Good luck!

  • Ben

    The unchecking of “Disable Web Bugs” works but now my tray icon keeps flagging me with an exclamation point indicating something is wrong.

  • Mark

    Hey thanks for the great info……..My only consistent problem is that I too have Brighthouse/Roadrunner as my ISP……..I have the firewall disabled it has caused other issues in the past…..but when i still try and down a simple file say from Linksys etc it always attaches as a HIPS file and I’ve tried renaming it etc…but still puts the efw on the end of each file………any advice or if someone wanted to monitor my pc i’m open to whatever….this is pure hell and only had the issue in the last couple weeks………..by the way great site and seems very informative :)

  • http://www.knightknetwork.com David

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the complement! I just put a post up about the efw files, hope it helps!

  • Will

    For me, this trick didn’t quite do it, but it got me on the right track. After some experimentation, I found that I had to disable blocking of “Pop-up/Pop-under ads” (option found in Firewall Settings>Privacy>Ad/Pop-up Blocker Advanced Settings). If that doesn’t do it, experiment with disabling various aspects until you can narrow it down.

  • alevia

    I did all the above, but still no luck, finally I ran a flush and I’ve had no probelms since.
    go to run in the start menu and put in: CMD
    then: ipconfig/flushdns
    that did it!

  • Marc

    You do not want to suggest ZoneAlarm to someone who is ready to dump CA!!!!!!!! If you bought CA in 2005 or 2006 you will certainly recognise the ZoneAlarm screenshots. I wouldn't say it is from frying pan into fire, but certainly into another frying pan.

    By the way, the removed hips (sounds like surgery) can also be caused by CA's banner block, some say.

  • Keith

    Hi! I ran across the 'removed by hips' thing by accident, did what you suggested and presto, worked like a charm! Thanks Dude, and trust me, I WILL be back for other suggestions…first place I have found that actually has something worthwhile to offer! :-) Keith

  • Keith Owens

    Hi! I finally gave up because my computer was getting slower and slower, then I couldn't get into my outlook express, then CA shut down internet access…Soooo…'Today we are gathered here to bid a farewell to Ca…he will NOT be missed'!lol!!! P.S. What is a good program to use? I am currently using ThreatFire???? P.S.S. Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keith

  • http://www.morphdude.com Morphdude

    As soon as I cam across the whole 'hips' thing I removed CA. Enough of that, problem solved!

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  • James

    I get this now and “uncheck “disable web bugs” is already unchecked!